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SOD Monitoring Tool

AppsROI SOD tool is packaged with thoroughly analyzed and validated pre-defined SOD rule-sets that jump starts the SOD validation process at the customer site. appsROI's highly efficient proprietary algorithms processes the SOD rules-set and various other inputs e.g. users, user assigned responsibilities, responsibility menus, responsibilities functions, responsibility exceptions and other relevant data that resides in the Oracle Apps and generates the SOD violations in significantly less time. Using industry acclaimed web interface these SOD violations can be viewed/analyzed to formalize the SOD remediation process. appsROI also provides the mechanism to define mitigation controls that can be assigned to SOD Violations so that these violations are in later runs NOT flagged as violations. When implemented in conjunction with appsROI's Automated Access Provisioning (AAP) module, appsROI SOD module transforms from detection to preventive mode. A out of box integration is provided between AAP and SOD module to make SOD run in prevention mode.

Automated Access Provisioning

AAP is out of box tool to centralize and automate the user provisioning in Oracle. Based on our validations with some of the customers we are confident that AAP reduces significant business/support costs and at the same time increases control over security/risks and ensures regulatory compliance. AAP automation has self service request page for the requestor and leverages a powerful Oracle workflow to electronically coordinate activities among different stakeholders in the access provisioning process.

Transaction Auditor

Transaction Auditor tool is designed to meet the transaction audit requirements for customers on Oracle E-Business environments. SOX requires that access of the IT (Management Information System (MIS) staff to Production ERP Environment needs to be tracked and monitored. In order to achieve that access for identified users having unrestricted access needs to be monitored for all the key transaction tables and any modifications to the setup tables. For any client, key transaction tables are identified as Oracle ERP application database tables where transactions are recorded by the business user group. AppsROI Transaction monitoring Tool is a reporting tool which enables the client to produce a report on demand that will provide details of any modification of the key transaction data and key setup tables (Insert, update, delete and any subsequent event)

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E-Business Suite Implementation

AppsROI provides full lifecycle implementation and support services for core EBS application modules, including:

� Financial

� Supply Chain Management

� Distribution

� Human Resource Management Systems

� Customer Relationship Management

Enterprise Performance Management (Including Hyperion)

AppsROIs' Team ensures you articulate and seamlessly implement an end-to-end EPM strategy for your business. Leveraging a combination of EPM solutions as well as proprietary financial templates, driver-based planning models, BI scorecards, and acceleration tools, we help you drive value from a financial, customer and shareholder value perspective.

� Performance Management Applications

� BI Applications (OBIEE/Dashboards)

� Business Intelligence Foundation